Homepage of Armando Vieira

Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Some Scientific Projects

  • Credit scoring of subprime credit card for using Random Forests for UK market (in collaboration with Closer.pt)
  • Digital Marketing optimization using decision trees and multiobjective Genetic Algorithms (www.digitaligence.com)
  • Credit Risk Scoring (see AIRES project)
  • Churn detection on Telecoms (within Vodafone Portugal)
  • Hotel Demand Prediction using Neural Networks
  • Recommender Systems with Complex Networks
  • Thin film characterization using ANN on Rutherford BackScattering (RBS) spectra


In recent years I have being involved in several startup projects.

  • Eduke.me – online training platform
  • Project AIRES received an honorable prize at MIT Portugal Enterpreneurship contest 2010 (biggest contest ever done in Portugal).
  • With project MyRec, we were finalists at Seedcamp London 2011 – one of the greatest VC events in Europe.

INSIGHTS4ME – Analytics for the digital age


AIRES – Advanced Intelligent Risk Evaluation System

AIRES is a platform for credit risk evaluation using advanced tool from Artificial Intelligence.

See more information on Aires-risk.com


A web 2.0 portal for tourism & travel. Started 2009.