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Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and Speaker

I’m a PhD Physicist turned into a Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset. Passionate about how to make Machine Learning projects work for organizations and how to build great AI based products.

As algorithms are becoming a commodity, the challenge is not building them but using them to solve real problems.

Pioneer in Deep Neural Networks with this publication in 2003 (cited in the recent review on Deep Learning by Jurgen Schmidhuber) and a more recent one on Knowledge Representation on Graphs with Convolutional Neural Networks and Prediction of online user behaviour on an ecommerce site.

My book “Deep Neural Networks: Overview and Business Applications“. A summary in a format of book chapter is available here.

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My TEDx talk 13 March (minute 11):

My new book chapter “Digital Markets Unleashed“, By Springer, August 2017 – on applications of Deep Learning and AI in Banks.

More on my Linkedin profile or Github account.

Armando Vieira

Check my latest work based on conditional Generative Adversarial Neural networks (cGAN) applied to facade generation.

My video presentation on “AI, from a long Winter to a blossoming Spring“.

My presentation at EARL conference, London 2015:

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I’ll be a speaker @PyData London 2015

The topic will be “Information Retrieval from Knowledge Graphs and non-Structured data sources”. The full schedule of the meeting is here: http://london.pydata.org/schedule/

Talk on Conference of R users in London (REAL)

My talk on Earl Conference, London 2015 will be “Building interactive visualizations with Shiny to explore data from social and health care in UK”. Social and Health care in UK produce annulay immense data aggregated at several levels. To add to the challenge, data is...

Social Care and Health in UK using Google charts

This is my newest visualization work using UK data. http://armandoanalytics.blogspot.pt/2015/03/health-social-care-uk.html

Are Data Scientists magicians?

Sitting atop a mountainous treasure trove of data, most all businesses are thirsty for people who can take a massive set of data and turn it into something meaningful. Whether it’s pinpointing new sources of revenue or predicting the next, best product feature, businesses are...

What’s wrong with AI approach?

There have been tremendous advances in AI and lots of buzz around the possibility of the singularity coming soon acclaimed by scientists like Kurzweil. Inspired by the success of Deep learning, the new kid in town that took the field by storm winning almost all machine learning...

Is Deep Learning capable to solve the AI puzzle?

Deep Learning is the buzz word of the moment. But can it revolutionize artificial intelligence as some suggests? There is good reason to be excited about deep learning, a sophisticated “machine learning” algorithm that far exceeds many of its predecessors in its abilities to...

Machine Learning for business is much more than number crunching

“We have build a marvelous model using Deep Learning!”. Sure, but what does it means when heading for production?  Does the data is as clean at it should? Is it available? At what cost? What are legal and privacy implications? How will customers react? Will decisions...

Early Steps of deep learning

I’m very thankful to Jurgen Schimdhuber for having cited my work on HLVQ on its excellent review as one of the predecessors of Deep Learning. It was published in 2003.

The Business side of Deep Learning

I’m very happy that any area of machine learning (aka, statistical inference and decision-making) is beginning to make impact on real-world problems. I’m also overall happy with the rebranding associated with the usage of the term “deep learning” instead...